The T-Mobile G2 Touch (also known as the HTC Hero), is the third Android handset to be manufactured by HTC, and ultimately the second Android phone to launch on the T-Mobile UK network.

The G2 Touch is the fully touchscreen older brother of the popular T-Mobile G1 handset, and includes a whole host of new features.

Some of the most popular features of the G2 Touch phone are its 3.5mm headphone jack (the 3.5mm audio has been noticeably absent from previous HTC Android phones), multi-touch capability, and ofcourse full support for Adobe flash player.

The T-Mobile G2 Touch will also be the first Android phone to include a custom built HTC user interface known as ‘Rosie’, along with the HTC specific HTC Sense UI.

The HTC Sense user interface allows for far better widget customisation of the Android home screen that will enable users to display their most favoured information directly from the main Android screen.

The G2 Touch will also feature an industry first teflon coating that will help prevent chips and scratches on the handset. The phone’s unique finish also includes smudge and finger print protection to help keep the handset clean.