Cloud OS, infact it is said to be the first browser based operating system to be launched from a company called gOS. It designed spealy for netbook PC and will be avaible in marcket by 2010 along with Gigabytes netbook.

This video shows how simple and fast this operating system is. It powered with some cool Google Apps like the other gOS versons. (Read this article for that).

its a browser based OS and the browser lookes like the Google’s Chrome browser and first Question in my mind is Google’s “Chrome OS” and gOS’s “Cloud OS” one and the same.

lol πŸ˜€ no idea … will have to wait and watch.

Video shows that the OS boot very fast also log off with the same speed. This is something a user will always look for but, its not a normal OS with lods of features, its designed only for internet users.

Cloud OS is already running a beta which you can get on demand from gOS website You will have to mail them on along with you netbook model number, if you have one.

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