Back in December 2008, one day while exploring throw internet, somewhere i saw an article, Google has launched an operating system and its called gOS. Well it was the time when android development was booming and gPhone was in picture. Following the link i came to the so called gOS.. amazing… is it Google’s first operating system… wow its something like Mac. But the story was something different.

It was not Google OS thought it was called gOS… but yes it has something to do with google for sure.

Its called “good OS” and an OS which is powered by Google apps with shortcut to many of them on desktop like gmail, gmaps, blogspot, youtube, google widgets and many more. Released somewhere in December 2008.  It was an operating system which was full of web apps and widgets starting form the desktop.. and interface was very much similar to Apple’s MAC OSx.

gOSs MAC like jumping menu.

gOS's MAC like jumping menu.

gOS is nothing but another flavor of Linux powered by Google apps. While browsing through the system i noticed that most of the apps running in here was internet based and giving error since i was not connected to internet.



It also had skype and Open office reinstalled in it (you can see in the above pics), it also had many other Linux based apps like Gimp, etc.

Thought gOS openly says it not Google’s property, but yes Google has contributed a lot in this project for sure.

It was also the first place where I came across the most happening term in the todays internet called Cloud Computing and Cloud OS.

Cloud Computing – (in a layman term) Cloud Computing is a concept, according to which soon all softwares will be available as a service and company need not have to invest on the softwares, licenses and pay for those heavy bulky server hardwares to run those softwares. They just have to buy a service. ( IBM, Google, Adobe are few known IT’s already in a state of implementing this.)

Cloud OS – it would be the OS which will be used to access these services provided using cloud computing. An OS which has only a browser to run.

Though gOS doesn’t seem to be much promoted and the reason would be their upcoming version Cloud OS. The Cloud OS will be a Linux bases OS powered by a browser similar to Google Chrome OS which is suppose to be powered by Google’s Chrome Browser. This Cloud OS is designed specifically for the netbook series. gOS would be probably come in market along with Gigabyte M912 netbook series. Anyways we will be exploring more on the Cloud OS in upcoming articles.

Check out some screen shots of gOS

Twitter using gOS

Youtube on google using Google Apps in gOS

Youtube on google using Google Apps in gOS


Open Office

Open Office

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Any one interested in having a hands on gOS >> Download gOS – 694 mb

(Note: its an ISO file burn on a CD and run as live Linus CD / install it on to you PC after running as live CD )