Opera 10 with turbo

Opera 10 released, its called Turbo and really its gone to its name. Awesome !! with turbo performance.

I tried to open the Techgearz site on it, opened in less than a second where as the same site took around 1+ sec in firefox (same network). This one can give a tough fight to Firefox and Chrome. Well as per opera, Turbo is 9 times faster thank its counter-parts.

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I am not sure about that figure, but i have to say it loads the page faster compared to the others. It also has a custom speed dial window which can accommodate maximum 5×5 sites on a screen.

Speed dial is the area where you can store the recently visited sites and helps you easy loading the site whenever you feel like accessing it.

As per the latest press release by the company it had record 10 million downloads of the new Opera.

It also comes with some cool widgets to, i just tried with the twitter widget, it pretty cool. It has a right pane for storing the widgets and you can easily access it from there.

With Turb Browser war is getting tougher, these browsers are so metured that now its all about speed now.

I am waiting for Google and Firefox  response to this, by end of this year you can expect the new Firefox 4.0 and by early next year Chrome OS will also be released (my one time fav Microsoft IE seems to be no where in this picture 🙁 ). Well chrome OS is already out of world, will opera ever come with something like that .. lets wait and watch. 😀

Download Opera 10.0 (Turbo) >>