In the end of 2008 IBM announced its new “software as a service” (SaaS) platform called LotusLive, this included a wide array of web based IBM Lotus products like Sametime, Lotus Connections, Lotus Quickr, Lotus Mashups.

Now this product range also contains one most powerful Lotus Application i.e its email service, this would be called iNotes. iNotes 8.5 is the web version of the IBMs Lotus Notes email client.

Though iNotes is not a new term for Lotus Notes, its there since the Lotus Notes/Domino 6 version. But very few company could prefer to use this feature, reason, need a powerful infrastructure to maintain it. And this could be the reason why IBM thought of bringing its as a cloud offering so that company need not think about the infrastructure and could focus on the business part.

Google, Yahoo and Microsoft are way ahead in the webmail offering and they doing this job for quite a long time now, then why Lotus iNotes. Its Simple , more safer, secure, reliable, more mature webmail client, cheaper and its an IBM product. 🙂

Along with email, iNotes also offer calender, Contact management, and a wast range of collaborative tools.

Currently iNotes is available with 1Gb mail space with cost of 3$ / month i.e a 36$ /year rent, which is comparatively cheaper then the google Apps 56$ /year.

Lotus iNotes will be avaibale in 3 Modes, Full Mode for broadband users, Lite mode for normal internet users and ultra Lite mode for mobile and iphone users. Check out the features

Notes: Below information is taken from IBM website

Full mode
Access a full array of integrated collaboration tools within environments providing full broadband connections. New features in 8.5 help users:

  • Manage personal and team content, and helps reduce email glut through integration with optionally available IBM Lotus Quickr™ software. Save email attachments into shared or personal Lotus Quickr places, and send links to Lotus Quickr places in place of attachments.
  • Maintain greater control over your schedule as the line between work and life outside of work continues to blur by integrating Lotus iNotes calendars and professional calendars into a single view, offering a complete view of daily schedules.
  • Connect users with relevant, realtime information from a variety of sources–without having to store that information in a document or e–mail– via widgets created from a variety of available sources. Users can, for example, immediately find directions to a destination by clicking an address within a document.
  • Easily switch between applications with convenient icons located in the left-hand navigation panel.
  • Quickly access a day–at–a–glance view of calendars and help information through an easily accessible slideout sidebar.
  • Maintain productivity with message tabs that that include a status icon that indicate when a document is loading.
  • Enforce discipline and professionalism across organization communication through automatic spell checking performance when an email is sent.

Lite mode

  • Deliver a focused and rich feature experience for mail, contacts, and calendars in areas with slow connections or bandwidth constrained networks. New features in 8.5 include:
  • Easily manage the size of your inbox through available mail quota information.
  • Maintain control of your daily schedule by creating meetings, or accepting and declining meetings from other users.
  • Help optimize your schedule by including comments to users when accepting or declining meeting invitations.

Ultra–light mode

  • With one touch, view the Inbox, Contacts, and Day–at–a–glance calendar on supported mobile devices.
  • Lotus Domino data combines with the flexibility and connectivity of the Apple iPhone enabling users to quickly access email, calendars, and contacts directly through the Apple iPhone Safari browser.