Square, is a mobile phone based credit card payment system designed by Twitter co-founder Jack Dorsey and team. A private beta of the same is launched on 1st Dec 2009. (check the official website here)

Its the era of plastic cards, people prefer carrying credit cards with them and not cash and as you know many big-shops do have credit card swipe machines for transaction. But what about you local coffee shop or grocery stores, who don’t have a Credit card processing system or if you want to sell something to a someone. These Credit Card processing service comes costly and its not possible for everybody have one. Square is useful in such cases and making credit card payment more simple and easy.

Square, is a small gadget which can fit in to audio-jack of many mobile phone and you can use mobile to make a credit card payment. Their is no hidden cost associated with such payments, only you have a small maintenance fee associated with square-device (which would be very minimal). Once the payment is done successfully you will also get a electronic bill for your payment by mail or SMS.

Square is now available for iPhone. It has many features like validating user account and submitting digital signature during transaction and so on. (check the below slide show)

Square is also associated with a cause. A penny from every transaction you do through square will be donated to a cause of your choice.