We have observed that in past few months every other [blippr]technology[/blippr] blog having a post on [blippr]cloud computing[/blippr] and cloud OS. Cloud Os is also called future of OS by many blogs designed for accessing [blippr]internet[/blippr] and web application primarily and compatible with any [blippr]netbook[/blippr].

It was [blippr]Google[/blippr] who first came in public about its cloud based OS, [blippr]Chrome[/blippr] OS which is much awaited Cloud OS, yet to be released (god knows when). Its not just [blippr]google[/blippr] coming up with this futuristic idea on cloud OS there are many other companies in Q and already in market.

Some months back on techgearz we saw an article on gOS and cloud OS built on [blippr]Ubuntu[/blippr] 9. Jolicloud is another such cloud OS release 2 weeks back again built on [blippr]Ubuntu[/blippr].

Idea of Jolicloud started in summer 2008 when Tariq Krim started thinking about the possibility to build an “organic” laptop, a combination of the greenest technologies and a fair trade production. This device would run an Internet operating system and replace existing costly software with their web alternatives.

He meet few manufacturers, designers and industry friends regarding the same, later he decided to drop the hardware to focus only on building the Internet OS. He was later joined by Romain Huet and Tristan Groléat, two young developers who shared his vision. They spent a few days drafting the blueprint of what an Internet OS should be. They decided to buy a few netbooks, refresh their knowledge of Linux and rented some office space in the Montorgueil area of Paris.

Jolicloud is a lightweight [blippr]Ubuntu[/blippr] based cloud OS designed with netbooks and internet it mind, according to @jolisupport (Joulicloud’s online support team on twitter) joulicloud support almost 98% of netbooks available in market and it has the latest Linux kernel. Its not just limited to netbooks, you can install it on PC too with minimum configuration of Pentium processor with 300 Mhz and 32 MB Ram – 256 MB recommended.

( Normally, netbooks comes with AMR based / Atom processors and 1 GB Ram ).

At a Quick glance, desktop of this OS reminds me of a simple portal website with all necessary links to your favorite web sites and applications, just a click and get started. Unlike other [blippr]Linux[/blippr] based OS its not too bulky and loaded with many desktop apps, its just a 602MB ISO file (click here to download), ported with basic applications like [blippr]Firefox[/blippr], Ping IM etc and other Linux basic apps for administration purpose.

It also has a Internet tab where you can find many internet based applications like facebook prism, shortcut to Firefox, bittorent client and any internet based software which you installed (check the above image, i have installed Linux based chrome & Twitter Prism and it started appearing in Internet tab on desktop). Unlike many Linux versions, Jolicloud doesn’t contain a Open Office pre-installed, but can download it from “My Jolicloud – App Directory”. It contains quick reference to internet based office apps like [blippr]Google Docs[/blippr] and [blippr]Zoho[/blippr] document editor.

My Jolicloud is a web app to access joliclouds online community, you need to create an profile / account for accessing this space., this can be done once you install the OS. You can synchronize your My Jolicloud profile contents with your Facebook profile.

My Jolicloud also contains list of users who are using jolicloud, you can follow them and check their statuses like you do in twitter. This status basically contains which software they have installed recently, what update did they do to their profile and so on. I saw around a 300 registered users when I logged in, this may increase soon as many users start using it.

Another interesting part in My Jolicloud was something called App Directory, you will find many application like Open Office, Google Chrome, Skype etc and Firefox Prism of many web apps which includes, [blippr]Gmail[/blippr], [blippr]YouTube[/blippr], Zoho office, [blippr]Twitter[/blippr], [blippr]Facebook[/blippr] to name a few.

( Firefox Prism allows you to have a quick reference to any web apps on your desktop, which you frequently access. )

[blippr]Google’s Chorme OS[/blippr] claims to have a 7 second boot-up time, well jolicloud took me around 30-35 secs to boot completely and around 10 secs to shutdown. ( It might be b’coz i am using it on VMware Player and not a netbook, with a shared CPU was already running [blippr]window vista[/blippr])

Well apart from the above features, you can find easy to access system administrative tools, etc. It would be out of scope of this article to explain every details of this OS, so soon you can expect a video post on joulicloud.

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Check out some screens shots from joulicloud  below  OR Click Here