Last year end we have seen lots of happening from Google, with either chrome OS demo, Google Wave or its first Android Phone Nexus One. But none of this really worked out for them. We have also saw Google’s frustration on twitter & facebook who are now leading social network market resulting in Orkut make over which neither worked out for them.

But, Google  is kick starting its new inning for 2010 with Google Buzz. Initial survey of Buzz gives an idea that its going to have a good time on social networking space and twitter and facebook will have to watch out for its market, their are many reason for this and it was something expected from Google for quite sometime.

Buzz integrated with Gmail which allow all Gmail users to chat, send mail through gmail while they are buzzing their new status or updates to the their followers. It also allow users to send public and private updates. And these updates will be seen on users Buzz time-lines inside Gmail and public Google profile also. Also you can buzz from iPhone and any mobile devices just as quick as you tweet.

You can also link your blogs, micro-blogs, Picassa, Flickr with buzz and Buzz will automatically show its latest update on your blog / micro-blogs in to your Google Buzz space.

This was just a quick survey on Google Buzz … hope to post you with more updates on Buzz once i have hands on all the features off buzz soon. You can check out my Buzz here >>