2010 kick start with lots of mobile gadget reviews and NEWS. Apple launches new iPad and iPhone OS 4. Many Android powered phone lined up for launch. Sony release its X10 Xperia powered by Android OS. Microsoft launched KIN few days back.  HP launch new HP Slate. 3G to be officially available with all GSM and CDMA providers in India.

But, if we carefully have a look, all these mobile phones and devices have one single target and thats called Internet. Everyone here is focussed on serving better Internet and social networking experience. All mobile phone company and service providers want people to watch Movies, TV Shows, Live IPL match on their mobile phone. You can do anything , anytime, anywhere with you mobile phone. And not to forget 3G will triple all your experiences.

Question that i have is, when you can do everything on internet using your Smart phone like iPhone, Android Phones and KIN then, whats the need for an iPAD or a Netbook or any Tablet Devices. Who will be interested in carrying this not so small – not so big device when they have a ultra portable mobile phone which can do the same thing.  Is’nt it an interesting topic to think about.

Though Netbooks have some advantage over the mobile devices, but , purpose of Netbooks are still not clear to public. If its only for internet users then mobile devices powered by android is anytime ready to kick off the net-book market.

Do we really require an NetBook in your bag to access internet when you have a mobile phone in your pocket which can do the same. My answer would be, No…, I would not require a NetBook or iPAD like devices when I have a mobile phone powered by 3G connection for accessing internet and related stuff. I  would be interested in carrying a mobile in my pocket rather than NetBook in my bag, for high-end stuff  i would have a High config Laptop rather than a Netbook 😉 .

So my question still remains open and I would like to get some interesting feedbacks / comments from the readers.