I am sure everyone have played pac-man atleast once. Pac Man is the most famous MS Dos game which was launched 30 yrs back and still played widely around the globe. It is still very famous with school computer labs and in many hi-tech gaming consoles in the more advance versions.

Google is today celebrating Pac Man’s 30th birthday on its google.com homepage. They have replaces their logo with a JavaScript based PacMan Game which puzzle around the name google. It is really a creative and awesome way to celebrate most popular game. This is also a good way to promote the JavaScript and HTML 5 canvas based games which is trying hard to replace the flash games on the internet.

I have just played this game and refreshed my old school days memory of 3rd grade, when we use to go to computer lab to play pac-man 😀

Log on to google.com and start playing the Pac Man game.