Now you don’t have to pay for surfing Facebook from your mobile phone. Facebook has come up with a new text based site for mobile users, its similar facebooks mobile site or for touch screen users.

According to Facebooks Sid Murlidhar

At Facebook we’re at the center of these two trends with more than 100 million people actively using Facebook from their mobile device and with more than 200 mobile operators in 80 countries offering and promoting Facebook Mobile. Yet when using the mobile internet, people around the world face two main challengesā€”sometimes the experience is too slow to be fun and the cost of data plans and understanding them can be daunting. We have designed to help solve these two barriers and we hope that even more people will discover the mobile Internet with Facebook as a result.

This site has all key features of facebook with optimized speed. Its active since May 2010. User can view text messages. Images in text message or the photo album are not shown, insted a link for the same will be provided in the post . You can click on the link to view the images, but the normal data charge will be applicable for viewing images.

According to facebook blog , Facebook and its telephone partners has come up with a plan to provide for free of cost i.e. No charge will be applicable if a user access from these mobile provides. Data charge will be applicable only if user want to view images / photos from the users album.

In India this plan is available with Airtel, Reliance and Videocon subscribers. If you are a Airtel, Reliance or Videocon user you can browse facebook fro free from you mobile phone using

Well the bad news is other mobile subscribers like Vodafone, Tata and Idea will have to wait for it.

You could get more details about this plan in the Facebook official Blog Click Here

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