One of the important part of a Ajax based component / web site is the pre-loader or an indicator which appears while the Ajax component or web site is making an asynchronous call to a web server. It is very important to have a preloader so that webmaster could tell the user that some process is going in the background, please stay on the page.

As a designer when I go for making an Ajax component first thing I do is search for a preloader in Google. After going though hundreds of preloader I could settle with one that nearly match to my web-page design and color combination or sometimes i have to adjust with some odd color preloader, because its always difficult to find one which match to your applications design and color combination.

Below given are few useful sites which I found on internet for generating “.gif” preloader image from a set of predefined design pattern with any foreground or background color you select. is one of my favorite preloader generator, it has varieties of patter including some 3D models. Its easy to use you need to select a patter, choose your suitable color, size and click on generate button and download your preloader. is one of the first preloader generator I have used. Unlike the it support only 2D objects. You could find all common Ajax preloaders used across the internet in this site. Using this site is simple as the above one. contains quite different patters compared to the other two sites, it also shows common ones. Only issue with is, size of the patterns are fix and u have to choose from it.