Twitter today rolled out a new feature called “You Both Follow”. Its a side bar above the Following Friends section, it tells about common twitter account followed by you and the current profile user. You could find it on nay user profile on twitter now, to check this feature just go to any user profile in your list.

You could also check it on my twitter profile (@anix86) and find who are the common people we follow. “View All” shows list of all the twitter account commonly followed by you and the current profile user. Check out this image…

Its similar to Facebook’s “Mutual Friends” section. This will help you in judging whom to follow on twitter. Last week we also saw twitter rolled out “Who to follow”, which is similar to another Facebook feature, People You May Know. Well so the question asked in the previous post is still valid here, “Is Twitter going Facebook Way.”

Many Facebook and Twitter users would be having the same query in mind. But its too early to say, we need to wait and watch what unique feature does twitter come up with. “You both Follow” is not yet available in Twitter API format, so for time being its available only on twitter and cannot be seen in any other 3rd party applications

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