Tata Docomo is all set to launch 3G in India this Diwali. It is expected to launch 3G on 6th Nov.

Though DOCOMO has not cleared about their tariff rates for the 3G service, but it is expected to be economic. DOCOMO website has also designed a 3G speed tester (Click Here), this would give you an idea about how fast 3G is compared to 2G (GPRS) network. You could also check if you mobile is 3G compatible (Click Here).

If you are a DOCOMO customer or you want to try DOCOMO 3G, register on DOCOMO website. Its not just DOCOMO, Airtel is also ready with its 3G set up. BSNL and MTNL are already 3G enabled services in India, but getting a BSNL or MTNL connection is really hard job. This Diwali we can expect many such surprises from private mobile companies and a new generation of mobile computing.

We would be updating more on 3G and DOCOMO plans soon on techgearz.