As Google Says, “Many of us these days depend on the World Wide Web to bring the world’s information to our fingertips, and put us in touch with people and events across the globe instantaneously. These powerful online experiences are possible thanks to an open web that can be accessed by anyone through a web browser, on any Internet-connected device in the world.

It is very important for a new web-users to know basic concept of internet and Web 2.0, this would help them in understanding and trusting the web.

Google has taken this opportunity and designed an HTML 5 based interactive book called 20 Things I Learned About Browser and Web, this explains 20 most important thing you should know about Browser and Web.

Topics Included in this Book.

1) What is internet?

2) Cloud Computing

3) Web Apps.

4) HTML, JavaScript, CSS

5) HTML 5

6) 3D in Browser.

7) A Brouwser Madrigal


9) Browser Extensions

10) Synchronize the Browser

11) Browser Cookies

12) Browsers and Privacy

13) Malware, Phishing ,AND Security Risks

14) How modern browsers help protect you from Malware and Phishing.

15) Using Web Addresses to stay safe

16) IP Addresses and DNS

17) Validating Identities Online

18) Evolving to a faster Web

19) Open Source and Browser

20) Things Later or a day on cloud

This interactive book is written very simple and keeping in mind that the readers are non technical people. All the 20 points discussed in this interactive book are divided into 20 lessons of the book and explained in details.

You could also notice that most of the topics are related to Google in some or the other ways. Google with this Interactive Book want people to understand internet, Cloud Computing, Cloud Apps (with Google Apps) and Safe Browsing (using Chrome 😀 ). You can also say it is a way of promoting Google with the help of Open Web and people know about the advantage of Open Web.

With this interactive book Google has also provided a good example of how to replace Flash with HTML 5. [Apple would be Happy 😀 ]

Enjoy reading this book, hope this was a helpful update and do share with your Friends and Family

Click here to check out this interactive book.