Vodafone continue with the super-week and this week it would be Downloading free games using your Vodafone mobile. SMS SUPER to 111 from your vodafone mobile phone to activate this new IPL scheme.

Offer is valid only for customers in India, from 23 April to 29 April 2011. Any change in the scheme would be update on TechGearz.

Terms and Conditions – Updated.

1. Campaign is only valid for one week from 00:00:00 hours  Saturday 23 rd April to 11:59:59 PM Friday 29 nd April 2011.

2. The offer is not valid for game downloads from any external site. To access the offer, you need to access the “free game zone ” available on Vodafone live, or pull the url by      sending “SUPER” to 111.

3. Offer valid for up to 5 game downloads per day during the campaign period.

4. For games in the free page zone, you will not be charged for the game or the data access required to download the game.

5. We have tried to provide games on best effort basis but all handsets may not support the games offered as a part of the free offer. Click here to get the PDF file


Check out the TV promo for this new supper week offer, this will start appearing on TV screens from tomorrow.