Facebook is growing fast and no one dare to stop it or even match its speed. We have seen Google plus and rumors that it will kill facebook dominance, and now its becoming more like impossible for G+.

Last week facebook launched subscribe button and Grouping feature like G+ circles and shut mouth of all those Googlers who where telling facebook’s security features are week. Subscribe may also take the market shares of twitter where people follow public tweets of popular celebrities and techies. It seems that facebook has taken the competition serious and these quick fixes are part of this.

This time its Apples turn it seems. We have also seen that Apple has release iOS 5 which is deeply integrated with twitter API’s. It seems that this decision of keep The Social Network (a.k.a Facebook) away from apple core hurt someone.

Now the rumor surrounding facebook is that they are working on a secret project called Project Spartan. Project spartan is facebooks app store platform which will feature all the popular facebook apps and games for mobile users and they can enjoy it on iPhone and android devices and these will contain apps which may not be available on iTunes or Android Market.

Now what does that mean? Facebook is developing a new HTML 5 and Javascript based UI framework called BoltJS which is targeting Wedkit based browsers for now ( iOS and Android browsers). Rumor states that facebook will re-wite their facebook app in android and iOS with this new platform which will also have a new app-store feature. This app store will contain mobile apps like games and other popular facebook apps. It is also said that many popular facebook apps and games have been started rewriting process to fit in this new platform, also the latest release of Facebook for iOS is a test of BoltJS.

It would also be a heart breaker for apples iCloud service, with Facebook App-store you can have a common app-store for both Android and iPhones and also the apps would be on facebook cloud and you don’t have to worry about loosing them when your mobile crashes. [ only time will say, if we can run those apps offline too.. HTML 5 can do that too 😉 ]

Also this framework would be an open source, so people can use it to design their own mobile apps and integrate with FB easily .