Mark the date March 22 b’coz starting this date Angry Birds is gona crack some pigs in space… O_o … cool.

Well the coolest thing is you would experience the space physics and zero gravity at most accurate level in this game b’coz they have been working with NASA this time. On a Chat show at TechCruch TV Rovio CMO Peter Vesterbacka said, the idea of Angry Bird space came from a NASA persons tweet who asked him if they could crack some pigs in space. The next day he discussed with his team ” Can we do this ” and they started developing the new game.

According to him this version of the game it very different from all other Angry Birds,  this one is also the bigest bet for the company too. Rovio have already launched a user manual for this game where they explain about all the new birds and how to plan your strategy, they have also  tied up with Wall Mart to sell out the Angry Birds soft toys and many more stuffs in coming days. They have also developed an app along with NASA which would take you to a space tour and explain you about the space physics and stuffs… Cool…

I am sure all Angry Birds fans would have lots of fun playing this version too. Check out Peter Vesterbacka Interview with TechCruch here >>