I am sure every mac lover specially developers would love this news, A thinner version of Macbook Pro is in production according to a Chinese blog DIGITimes.

They where informed by a trusted source that a 13 and 15 inch Macbook pro is in production. This thinner version will not have optical drive which would make it as thin as the Macbook Air, but inspite of being thin its specs would heavier than Air.

Macbook Air is the thin and lighter but it is not good when it come to heavy usage like development and designing. Macbook Pro is going to be a hardware monster with large SSD memory and intel i5 and i7 CPUs at its core may be the quad core one, which would boost its performance.

It is also said that this new version of Macbook pro would be available at the same time when the new ultra-slim laptops or the ultrabooks from many different vendors would be available in the market.

Well anyways i am more exited about new Macbook Pro than any other ultra slim laptops… keep reading for more info on this.