For past few week i have been noticing some post on my feeds which i have never subscribed to,and this was not very frequently. Then couple of days back i realised a sponsored post by Dell on my wall, i never subscribe to dell page. Well this is new Facebook ad network one like promoted tweets on twitter ( look on the fb mobile pic above) .

Well this is not just the only way Facebook is making sponsored post appear on your timeline their is one more, which it does with help of your friends. Now suppose a company is subscribed to Facebook ad network and one of your friend hit like on their page, this event would appear on your timeline along with a sponsored ad related to that page. It might appear to you that this link/ post was shared by your friend … well you did not noticed that your friend has only like the page, the post was a sponsored post by Facebook and you click on it thinking it was shared by your friend. [they made you click the ad]

Since this sponsored ads are not very frequent on mobile app, I think facebook is testing its mobile ad network. They are following the twitter way, promoting post in your timeline. Early this month in a chat show @ Techcrunch Mark Zuckerberg did say that Facebook has a great potention in mobile ad market since most of its users are mobile phone users.

This might be a good news for Facebook share holders, finally Facebook would be earning more from their mobile platform. But as i said Facebook seem to be still in testing mode and I hope that this sponsored ads wont be very frequent one and i wont miss any post from my friends.