Ivy bridge 3rd generation Intel processors is yet to take the market coming months with ultrabook, Intel’s today on IDF 2012  exposed its 4th generation processor called Haswell.

Haswell has 2x times faster GPU that Ivy bridge,i.e much better graphics and 20x times more battery efficient compared to Sandy bridge when your laptop is in idle mode. It would be coming with dual and quad core capability. According to Ultrabooknews.com it also has high video encoding/decoding capability built into the hardware of the chip-set itself.

You can go through the complete list of architectural changes in Haswell here 

Well definitely this would make the Ultrabook’s and windows 8 powered tablet more efficient and powerful. Not to forget Apple Macbook pro and Air is also part of this flagship, we can expect some more exiting Macbook Air and Pro’s incoming days … keep reading till then.