World was waiting for this day when Apple was about to launch its new iPhone, which is also called iPhone 5. I had a fear, now they would stop numbering it and call it just an iPhone but they didn’t do that.

But, apart from this most things we as expected, including the design of the phone. It is the same iPhone prototype which was leaked around few months now. Whole internet was hoping this is not that iPhone, but this was it. A disappointment around the internet.

Over all i would say iPhone 5 is a great improvement over iPhone 4S and Apple did everything that would help it to technically compete with all its beloved competitors specially Samsung whose Galaxy brand is eating iPhone shares for the same reason.

It has a 4′ inch 16:9 HD display, though it is long they have not increase the width of the phone so users would not have issue in cross navigating the phone with a thumb.

It is 18% lighter i.e 112 gm than the current iPhone 4S and has a 20 % more clear color retina display, also 22% more power saving battery, thanks to the new A6 chip which is designed by apple. It has the new iOS 6 with much smarter siri, who can now book a table for you in a nearest hotel for your dinner. Smart!!

The new iPhone 5 is powered by LTE, which is 10 times faster than your wifi connection, the back plate of the iPhone 5 is made of the new liquid metal, which make it strong and light weight at the same… hope we see this soon on iPad and the Macbook’s too.

Something that was most interesting in the event was the new ear phone from Apple, this is something different. Apple says its took 3 year for them to rethink a design like this.

Check out the video bellow, this would give a clear view about the process that Apple went thought to make iPhone 5, over all i like it but yes expectation was more, but never mind they would come up with something out of the box next time ;).

Untill then keep reading and don’t miss the video