Facebook is now directly competing with its so called arch-rival Google in search business (in which Google is so far the best…) by integrating Microsoft BING!! search in depth to Facebook platform… eeh…

I hope Bing return some relevant results

but jokes apart… Facebook also seem to have work hard on this. They have tried to make the search more personalized and social. Facebook new search would be searching not just based on your interest but also take your friends in to consideration. For Example If your search for a movie it would also recommend you movies your friends watch or like recently too.

Also it seems to have some new tweaks in the Facebook UI too. Facebook search is now in a limited beta, i hope to get a hands on the  new search feature soon and update you about the same. Register for beta here >> https://www.facebook.com/about/graphsearch

Also their are some quick video on the above link which explain your the advantages of facebook search and is far better than Facebook is a chair Ad’s.

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