flipkart app sales

After big billion day Flipkart is all set for a new big sale day.. its Big App Shopping Festival (8th-12th Dec 2014) and this one is only for people who use Flipkart apps.

With Big Billion Day Flipkart wanted people to try out online shopping and as you remember sales where real crazy too. Well Big App Shopping Festival has a bigger motive too, today most people in India have smartphones which is approximately 200 million and most of them are connected through internet notionally 24  x 7 and you can see the potential if this people used e-commerce though their smartphones.

Flipkart exactly want this, they want people to try out shopping though smartphone at-least for once or at the most people would install Flipkart app and surf though the product they desire to buy which could make them a potential buyer. Even the people who are afraid to make online transaction would be tempted to make shopping when the deals are so crazy.

Best part is Flipkart seem to have learned from its previous mistakes and its rival Amazon and Snapdeal by organizing a long week sales so that people could actually go though the deals and try it out with out interruption like its happened last time (server outages).

Anyways we can expect some exiting deals this coming week and i have already start filling my wish list, lets see if any a great deal hits on these items.

So guys, whats are waiting for install the Flipkart app and start adding your wishlist, this make it easily checkout deals on your favorite items and for rest you have the app itself.

Note to Flipkart : you should improve your iPAD app 😉

and guys.. guys google’s Great Online Shopping Festival ( GOSF ) 2014 happen through 10 – 12 Dec 2014, this will have deals across all the e-commerce sites.

Happy shopping 😉