Apple Responds To Microsoft About ‘What A Computer Is’

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Apple Responds To Microsoft About 'What A Computer Is'

Apple Responds To Microsoft About ‘What A Computer Is’

In 2012, Steve Jobs introduced the iPad to the world and left the forecast that this type of device would replace personal computers. Since then, both the segment of the tablets and that of smartphones has evolved to a considerable level, and today we perform in these devices a large part of the tasks that previously required the use of a computer.

However, the personal computer still has a very good value: it is still necessary to use it for many procedures. Taking into account this reality, Satya Nadella, CEO of the tech giant Microsoft, launched a small criticism of the iPad and its limitations that, in his view, make it a limited device to work.

Satya Nadella has been presenting, a little around the world, his new book “Hit Refresh”. In one of the presentations, this time in India, the CEO of Microsoft went to one of the reporters who carried an iPad and said: “You need to get a real computer, my friend.”

The truth is that Microsoft and Apple have somewhat different philosophies regarding the segment of computers and tablets. Although Apple has a range of computers, including MacBook laptops, the brand believes deeply that for most of the tasks performed by its users, an iPad is the ideal solution and device.

On the other hand, Microsoft tries to bring all the power and capacity of more powerful devices, such as computers, to more portable equipment such as the Surface Pro range and to computers that will run Windows 10 on the ARM, which will be launched in the coming months.

What is a computer?

After the comment that the CEO of Microsoft has released, Apple counterattacked and launched a promotional video where it shows that its iPad is a complete device and that almost completely dispenses with the need for a computer.

As we can see, the video portrays, in a very simple and direct way, some of the capabilities of the iPad. From the realization of video calls to image editing, through the typical applications of communication, reading comics, carrying out school work and capturing photographs.

These small disputes between manufacturers will surely never end since the philosophy and criteria reflected in their products will always be different and, as expected, each brand defends its ideologies.

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