CES 2018: SanDisk Unveils World’s Smallest 1TB PenDrive

by Tushar
CES 2018: SanDisk Unveils World's Smallest 1TB PenDrive

CES 2018: SanDisk Unveils World’s Smallest 1TB PenDrive

CES 2018: SanDisk Unveils World’s Smallest 1TB PenDrive: Sandisk, the company known for producing microSD cards and Pendrives at the affordable price is again making the headlines at various news channels. This time the company has launched the world’s smallest 1TB pen drive. As we are in the digital world, where we need more and more storage for storing Full HD or 4K videos, photos, music and all other things.

16GB, 32GB, 64GB Pendrive is something which is common nowadays, however, having the world’s smallest pendrive that too of 1GB is something extraordinary. 1TB storage is something which is not common in the marketplace, but everyone will love to have.

Sandisk actually presented the first prototype of world’s smallest 1TB pendrive during CES 2018. The beauty has the USB-C connection, and can even be used with mobile devices. It’s precisely in this segment, even, that the company wants to focus, knowing that storage space is always been a problem on the mobile device.

Well, the new device has been tested by Engadget and The Verge and they both said that the device is just awesome. However, the company hasn’t said about the release date of the world’s smallest pendrive.

The company has also launched a 256GB Pendrive which is also cited by SanDisk as the world’s smallest storage device. The 256GB flash drive is known as Ultra Fit 3.1 and it will be available on US Marketplace from this month.

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