Chrome testing ‘Memories’ Feature to Manage Your Web Activity

by Tushar

Although there’s still plenty of debate over which web browser is best for desktop, there’s undoubtedly something special about Google Chrome. Over the years, many web browsers had come and gone, but it was Google Chrome that’s standing tall to date.

The reason behind Google Chrome’s success is its excellent team. The Chrome team keeps testing new features now and then. Also, Google has a beta program that lets users try the experimental features of the web browser.

Recently, Google Chrome was found testing a new feature known as ‘Memories’. It’s a feature that will allow you to manage your web activity more efficiently. The new feature brings Chrome user’s web activity in one place.

Thanks to Chrome Memories, users can now access the bookmarks, tab groups, Chrome history from a single place. Also, there’s a search bar that allows users to navigate through the older activity easily.

Chrome’s New Memories Feature – How to enable it?

As of now, the Chrome Memories feature is only available in the Canary Build. If you are unaware, the Canary build of Chrome allows you to test the latest features of Chrome that are under testing. It’s the most unstable build of Google Chrome, so one can expect a few bugs and lags while using the browser.

If you are willing to activate the new Chrome Memories, a feature, you first need to install the Chrome Canary Build. Once installed, open the browser and implement these steps.

  • Type chrome://flags in the address bar.
  • On the search box, type in ‘Memories’
  • Select ‘Enabled’ from the drop-down list to enable the flag.

After enabling the Chrome’s Memories flag, you need to restart the web browser. After the restart, you need to open the chrome://memories page to access the feature.

Google Chrome is indeed a great web browser. The browser also tests few productivity features like freezing tabs that are collapse, the ability to share specific text on a web page, and new PDF reader features.

Anyways, what you think about the new Chrome Memories feature? Let us know in the comments below.

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