COWIN DiDa – The Best Smart Speaker With Amazon Alexa

From the past few months, we have seen more and more adoptions of Amazon’s Alexa, but not necessarily from Amazon-owned products. You can take an example of Cowin DiDa which is actually a Bluetooth Speaker but it comes with some awesome features.

COWIN DiDa – The Best Smart Speaker With Amazon Alexa

If we take a look at past few years, without any doubt Amazon is playing a key role in revolutionizing the way we connect with technology. Amazon now has Alexa which is a voice-controlled personal assistant service that never failed to impress its users.

Amazon’s Alexa is an intelligent personal assistant service that offers a unique way to speak commands through supported devices giving users instantaneous answers and results without the need to wait.

Whenever we talk about Amazon’s Alexa, we think about Amazon echo which is a well-known integration of Alexa. However, from the past few months, we have seen more and more adoptions of Amazon’s Alexa, but not necessarily from Amazon-owned products.

You can take an example of Cowin DiDa which is actually a Bluetooth Speaker but it comes with some awesome features. Cowin Dida is similar to Echo. However, the price of the product is very reasonable.

Look Of Cowin DiDa

When Cowin DiDa was launched it has impressed lots of users because of its good look and price. The Cowin Dida measures just 6.04″ x 3.67″ x 3.67″ and it weighs approximately 473 grams. If you are a frequent traveler, then you will absolutely love this product.

If we talk about its build quality, the overall build quality is pretty good. The product is completely made of plastic, but, it feels extremely sturdy and well equipped.

Cowin DiDa Control & Use

The Bluetooth speaker with Amazon Alexa actually comes with six buttons located on the top. The buttons enable users to control everything. With the help of six different buttons you can control play/pause, next/volume up, previous/volume down, mode, voice control and WPS. On the rear, you will find the on/off switch.

Now let’s know how to use the Cowin DiDa – Bluetooth speaker with Amazon Alexa. To power up the device, you just need to press the on/off button and the configuration process will begin immediately.

The speaker will now look for a Bluetooth pair, for that you should enable the Bluetooth of your device(s). The speaker will automatically search for the devices and you will see the LED intermittently blink.

Now once you see the LED Blink, you need to look at available Bluetooth connections from your smartphone or tabled and then select Cowin DiDa. The device will be paired in no-time.

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How To Connect WiFi Network?

To connect to your WiFi network, you need to install the Cowin app from Google Play Store or Apple App Store. Cowin app will let you access all the features and manage the speaker’s personalization options.

After installing the Cowin app from respective app stores, you need to configure the WiFi settings, log into your network to start using the Alexa.

For your information, the interface of the Cowin app is very user-friendly, you don’t need to have any technical experience to use the app.

How To Integrate Alexa?

As we have already mentioned Cowin DiDa is a smart speaker. So, it goes well beyond a simple speaker that just lets you listen to music. Alexa is fully integrated into Cowin DiDa, therefore, you don’t need to take some extra steps.

To start playing music, you need to press the microphone button which is located on the top-center. Press and ask whatever you’d like to play. You can use phrases like “Alexa, play don’t let me down”, “Alexa, play my party song playlist” and more.

The best part of Alexa integration is that you have the freed to literally ask anything. You can ask topics ranging from latest news to any random questions.

What About The Sound Quality?

COWIN DiDa actually features a superior sound quality. The smart speaker has dual 7.5-watt acoustic drivers with a frequency response of 50Hz to 20 KHz. So it has 15W Output power which is a lot for such a compact-sized speaker.

Trust me, the sound quality is good enough for home, car, parties, dorm room etc. If we talk about the volume range, the smart speaker stands out from the crowd too. We couldn’t imagine anyone wanting to turn up the volume to its maximum.

Battery Life Of Cowin DiDa

It’s really difficult to tell the exact battery life of the speaker because this is a smart speaker and have multiple uses. According to the company, Cowin is good to deliver 9-hour battery life.

On the first usage, you need to charge the battery before using the speaker to its full potential. The Cowin DiDa box also carries a micro USB cable which you need to plug into the port underneath the rubber flap on the back side of the speaker.

Several users have shared positive things about Cowin DiDa and one of those is the battery life. Users claim that the battery of the speaker lasts approximately 8 to 10 hours and again it depends on the usability.

Let’s know about the Downsides

The above Cowin DiDa Review looks impressing, right? Well, not everything is perfect in this world. So, does the Cowin DiDa, the speaker doesn’t have any protection against shock, dust or water.

The speaker is best for indoor use because it can’t withstand rains or high winds. Another thing is, users need to touch the voice button to activate Alexa because the speaker lacks voice activation.

These two are the possible downsides. However, there is not really a huge issue, but it’s good to keep the drawbacks in the mind.

What About The Warranty?

Cowin DiDa is backed by a massive 12 months warranty. Users will also get an extra six months of warranty after the registration. The technical support system of Cowin is also good, the 24/7 technical support is always available to help you.

How Good Is Cowin DiDa?
  • Look
  • Usability
  • Sound Quality
  • Build Quality


Overall it’s a great product which is available at a very affordable Price. Undoubtedly, Cowin DiDa is one of the best smart speaker you can have!

So, what’s your take on Cowin DiDa? Share your opinion with us.

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