How To Export Saved Passwords In Firefox

by Tushar
How To Export Saved Passwords In Firefox

How To Export Saved Passwords In Firefox

How To Export Saved Passwords In Firefox: Looking for ways to export saved passwords from Mozilla Firefox? You have landed on the right page. As we know all web browsers save the entered passwords just to enhance the username.

Each and every time we visit any site, it asks us to save passwords. If we choose to save passwords, it gets stored on your computer so that you don’t have to enter the password everytime to a particular site.

This feature saves users lots of time. However, if you are using Mozilla Firefox, then there’s no direct option to export the saved username and passwords.

Here in this article, we are going to mention a working trick that will help you to export passwords in Firefox.

1) To export the saved passwords, you need to install an awesome Mozilla add-on that is known as Password Exporter from its official page.

2) When you will open the Password Exporter add-on, you will see the similar type of screen. Here you need to click on “Export Passwords” option.

Export Saved Passwords In Firefox

Export Saved Passwords In Firefox

Now the addon will ask you to choose the format in which you want to save the file. You can choose from XML or CSV format.

Through this addon, you can also import any previously saved password file. Users just need to click on “Import Password” option and then browse the XML or CSV File.

So, this is how you can backup and restore passwords in Mozilla Firefox browser. Hope this article helped you share it as much as possible.

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