Facebook Is Using AI To Track Users With Suicidal Thoughts

by Tushar
Facebook Is Using AI To Track Users With Suicidal Thoughts

Facebook Is Using AI To Track Users With Suicidal Thoughts

A few months ago we told you that Facebook wants to detect potential suicide using Artificial Intelligence. It was an ambitious project of the social network but full of good intentions, and finally, it seems that it will take place.

Networks can become the lifeline for many people, and Facebook is devoting significant efforts to that. Depression is a disease that proliferates over time and suicide, unfortunately, is also gaining prominence in the headlines of newspapers.

Arrival of Artificial Intelligence

The social network giant Facebook already had a new section called Internet Wellness to combat suicide, but now it will incorporate a new update to detect more accurately suicidal users. From the hand of Artificial Intelligence, it can detect when a user may be experiencing suicidal thoughts.

The new feature is part of what Facebook calls proactive detection and plans to put it into operation around the world.

The social network giant Facebook’s suicide prevention measures have been around for some time, and include actions such as allowing users to report messages that could indicate that the person is at risk of harming themselves. This leads the social network to put the user in contact with the help resources.

Technological advance

Facebook has now announced that it is implementing pattern recognition technology capable of detecting live videos or messages where someone may be expressing suicidal thoughts. A tool that will offer improvements in the way to correctly identify users in trouble.

The social network giant Facebook says it is working to decrease the number of false positives and at the same time increase its accuracy in identifying these messages. Assist in this proactive detection is to identify certain phrases within the comments that may indicate a direct relationship with the subject, such as the phrase “Are you okay?”.

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