How do I monetize the content I have on Twitch?

by Tushar
How do I monetize the content I have on Twitch?

How do I monetize the content I have on Twitch?

Everyone loves earning money, and you should too; I mean, let’s be honest there’s nothing wrong with making money on your live streaming platform regardless if you’re on Twitch, YouTube, Facebook, or anything else. Still, thinking that How do I monetize the content I have on Twitch? Don’t worry, as we will guide you through.

It’s vital that you actually learn to monetize the content that you’re doing so that way you can keep doing it for the long haul. So in this article, I’m going to show you all the best ways that you can use to make money on Twitch, let’s get started.

Now let’s get one thing straight right off the bat, it is okay to make money through live streaming content creation, everything beyond and in between it’s okay to monetize your hobbies, passions, profession, it is a 100% okay.

So get over it now making money may not be your priority but we all understand that money makes the world go round and learning to monetize your content is a must; because it’s going to help you get things like software or hardware or games or other things that you can use for content creation.

That’s why, allow me to show you the best ways that you can start making money right now on live shooting platforms like Twitch and not only this, just to let you tell these tips will also work on other live streaming platforms as well.

Monetize the content I have on Twitch?

Earn from donations on Twitch

How do I monetize the content I have on Twitch?

How do I monetize the content I have on Twitch?

If you are a brand new streamer and you want to start monetizing your content today, all you need to do is accept the donations, and you can simply do this by just opening up a PayPal account. You can open up a personal or business account, but if you need any help on creating one for you, then let me know in the comments section below, as I can make a complete step-by-step guide on that.

What’s going to help get you a little bit more monetization out of donations is also signing up with an alert service some of the most notable ones will be stream labs stream elements like Muxy, all of those will work just fine.

Having an alert surface makes donations a lot more engaging and interactive, so when somebody sends you a donation you’ll have a graphic pop on-screen, which thus gives you an opportunity to thank the person who donated to you.

So I highly recommend signing up with alert service, as if you will now sign up with PayPal, then it will cost you nothing but every time a transaction goes through, PayPal will take a piece of the pie because they are a payment processor, so they charge it per transaction and a certain percentage. Here the nice thing about PayPal is it’s just like a wire transaction where it’s immediate, so the minute that they send the donations, it’s in your funds.

Earn through affiliate marketing on Twitch

How do I monetize the content I have on Twitch

How do I monetize the content I have on Twitch

Next, we have affiliate marketing or affiliate sales, and here mostly, you have to sign up with affiliate platforms like Amazon affiliates, as it’s straightforward; in just a few mins you can join it at any point.

If you’re not familiar with affiliate marketing or affiliate sales, especially when you take a product, you put it through a link generator and every time you talk about that product or somebody’s interested in it you can submit the link or have the link displayed somewhere like on your Twitch channel.

Every time somebody goes through and clicks on it and purchases, you get a percentage of that sale, so for example, if I was talking in this post about the Apple iPhone SE 2020, it can link.

And if I like the quality of this product, then I could tell you I use this, and I could say links are available in the description below, or you could even say this on your Twitch stream and put the links in the show notes below. So that every time everybody goes through and clicks on this and purchase it, you will make a little bit of money.

This is actually a really cool tip now if you really want to take advantage of affiliate sales and marketing, make sure you make it skewed, so the audience that you’re broadcasting to are very focused on certain games or controllers or monitors or keyboards or Mouse’s that you’re using.

If you have good quality or if you’re using good ones, then people will be very interested in the products you’re using if you produce high-quality content.

Merch sales on Twitch

How do I monetize the content I have on Twitch?

How do I monetize the content I have on Twitch?

Next, we have up is merch sales, and a lot of people think you need an established brand to start making merchandise sales, but you don’t. As you can start from zero, there’s a lot of platforms out there like T-Springs designed by Humans, RedBubble.

You can have a Marketplace on their site that you can link within your Twitch or any live streaming platform and again as long as you produce really cool graphics or anything that people will find a value you can start selling that right away which means you can start making money right off your first stream.

No merge sales can be complicated because it’s a lot of nickel and dining, especially if you’re trying to sell things like stickers or buttons or anything like that doesn’t have really high margins on it.

But hey to me even making just a few pennies or a few bucks is worth it to me, but this one may not be for you so take a little research time on it and research to see if it’s gonna be worth your time since we’re talking about selling one of the best things.

You can also depend on the type of content you generate is e-commerce sales as for myself, I sell a lot of gadgets and their accessories online, but that doesn’t mean that you’re limited to just that you can implement your own idea.

But, if you plan on doing things like e-commerce sales, then I highly recommend signing up with a platform that deals with e-commerce, so I’m going to suggest things like Etsy and Wix.

Here the reason I recommend this is because if you make one-on-one sales with a lot of people, I’ve heard too many stories well, people get screwed with not getting payment or chargeback, so it’s nice to have that middleman there to give you a little extra protection.

Earn with Patreon on Twitch

How do I monetize the content I have on Twitch?

How do I monetize the content I have on Twitch?

Moreover, we can’t forget about Patreon, and it is an excellent service to have, in fact, any crowdfunding website or supplemental funding website is excellent to have in your arsenal, but the trick to using Patreon or anything like Patreon is to make sure that you provide a value that you’re not providing on another platform.

As you’re going to split your community, so you have to be wise of what you’re providing for content or what you’re providing for a value on things like Patreon.

So you may want to look at things like expanding out your content or doing one-on-one sessions or behind the scenes or getting a little more in-depth or even just like Google meetups.

So always consider things like that, and the nice thing about a platform like Patreon is that their share revenue, hence, is a little better option for somebody like you.

Patreon works with you a little bit more if you’re a brand new streamer guess what you can actually start earning ad revenue off Twitch and I know what you’re thinking; but, only for Twitch partners if use a program called “,” then you can actually start posting ads on top of your stream, as it’s very simple to do.

If you already have a bit of an established community or if it’s growing since we were just talking about Google Adsense guess what you can make money on Twitch through Google Adsense there’s a sweet little hack that I want you to pay attention to there’s one of two ways that you can do this.

One is if you are a creative writer, then I would highly recommend having a blog or a thread that you can link to within your Twitch panels down below.

As there are so many creative people on Twitch that don’t take advantage of this that are so expressive with words, “I am super jealous of you,” in short, you could take substantial advantage of this you can have like a blogster website or again you can have a Wix website, and you can get Google Adsense approved.

You can also start having Google Ads that you can start generating people there I don’t care if you write fan fiction or if you do recipes or you do game reviews this is a category that doesn’t get utilized enough, and it’ll help you actually get more discovered on platforms like Twitch or any other live streaming platform.

Because you can always link back to the correct platform that you’re broadcasting from, number two is precisely how you’re reading this article, right now you’re reading this post on TechGearz, and this site is hosted in a paid server, running Google Adsense.

So when you see an ad or a pop-up ad, I make a little bit of money to pay on how many people obviously see that ad and it’s so simple for you to start making content on Twitch. Since it cost you nothing to start making your own content, you should start now.

Earn from brand and sponsorship deals on Twitch

How do I monetize the content I have on Twitch?

How do I monetize the content I have on Twitch?

If you do Twitch affiliate, then there’s actually only really two additional noteworthy ways to make money, and most of you already know about its bits which are Twitch’s own currency for making money and exchanging money online so every time somebody donates your bits, they’re worth a cent depending on how many you get at the end of the month.

As they’ll accumulate up if you make over the threshold of a hundred dollars, you get a payout every 15 days at the end of the month. And the number two is getting subscribers, which essentially means every time somebody subscribes to your channel they pay a certain amount to register at a certain tier and depending on those tiers which come in at 5 dollars, 10 dollars, and 25 dollars.

I’m just rounding up for easy math you will earn 50% of that subscriber now when you’re at which affiliate it’s up to you as the streamer to provide value and entertainment that’s gonna make people reach into their pockets to donate money to you via bits or buying a subscription to your channel and this is a very difficult situation for a lot of people because they stagnate or they Plateau.

Subscribers you have access to making money via Twitches, Adsense, which means every time somebody clicks on your channel, and it does a pre-roll there, you make a certain percentage of money depending on how many people are going to see a role per your stream.

You can also do bumps in between your streams so that when you have a certain amount of people, you can roll a bump and get more ad revenue. It’s really up to the streamer out there, and number two is having access to the bouncy Twitch board. If you need a little more experience on where to find this and how to use it, then don’t worry, as Twitch has a really good FAQ page.

There are a few additional ways through which you can make money, and you can be a professional streamer at any stage, whether you’re a partner affiliate or just a hobbyist or brand-new because maybe you’re starting on a brand new platform. But one of the best ways that you’re gonna make money as a professional streamer is through brand deals and sponsorship deals.

All the brand deal or sponsorship means a company is willing to provide you a product or they’re willing to provide you money for your time of you showing off the product talking about the product or demonstrating the product or promoting the product somewhere on your channel.

Because you have so many eyeballs or you have so much clout for what you do that you’re drawing people there and it’s worth it for them to pay you money to talk about the product or show the product off.

So, for example, if Samsung wanted me to talk about or demonstrate or show how this product worked is, how its camera, performance, etc., they could either send me the product for free or they could send me a certain amount of money for the time provided, or they can even send me money for me to display the product on my stream and talk about it or just put links to it so that way they earn some income.

Now brand deals and sponsorships are actually one of the best ways to make money on any kind of content creation regardless if you’re live streaming or doing VOD work on like YouTube or even tutorials working with brands and sponsorships are fantastic.

But just to let you know, it takes a lot of management because you have to do a lot of work researching products and talking about it’s not like you get a product for free or money for free and you just keep doing what you’re doing.

Company is paying you, so you have to something productive to give back a good return on investment for them, as they will see how many people come to your stream, analytics, and everything like that.

So you have to start being able to produce, so think about that before you start accepting brand deals and sponsorships. As you can also make a ton of money by making appearances, whether it’s at live conferences, conventions anything like that.

Here, the money makes the world go around live streaming, which costs a lot, and it’s not easy to take advantage and start monetizing your content today so that way you can lavish yourself for your content. In short, at first, you have to forget about your earnings and focus on the content, as here the content is the king.

So, do you think this is informative? If so, then do share your thoughts in the comment section below. And also, let us know about your further queries regarding several tech issues, as we’ll cover your questions in our blog with proper tutorials and guidelines.

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