iPhone Battery Exploded In Apple Store

by Tushar
iPhone Battery Exploded In Apple Store

iPhone Battery Exploded In Apple Store

iPhone Battery Exploded In Apple Store: After Galaxy Note 7 fiasco, it looks like Apple is struggling to get their batteries right. A few weeks ago we have heard the news that Apple intentionally slows down older iPhones to protect users from battery overheating and burn hazards.

Now it looks like another unit of iPhone exploded while replacing the battery on Apple store. The Apple store in Switzerland was immediately evacuated after the exploded battery started to make smoke clouds.

As we already stated that the Apple store was evacuated immediately, with 50 people being withdrawn away from the place. The exploded unit of iPhone has caused minor burns to the employee who tried to replace the battery.

Following the incidence, Police and firefighters were called immediately and Apple store employees promptly opened the windows of the store to ventilate the smokes.

Seven people who were present in the store during the incidence have received the medical treatment, however, they were not hospitalized. Right now, forensic specialists were investigating the entire case and Apple is yet to comment on the incidence.

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