Microsoft’s Latest Windows 10 Feature Runs Apps In Tabs

by Tushar
Microsoft's Latest Windows 10 Feature Runs Apps In Tabs

Microsoft’s Latest Windows 10 Feature Runs Apps In Tabs

The tech giant Microsoft is preparing a new feature for its latest operating system, of course, I am talking about Windows 10: called “sets”, it will allow you to group different related programs in one window.

According to The Verge, Office will support sets in early 2018. The tech giant Microsoft also plans to include tabs in applications such as File Explorer and Notepad. Even third-party programs, like Photoshop, will be contemplated in the future.

Doug Thomas of the tech giant Microsoft Office team explains in the video below how this will work. He opens a Word file, and it already appears in a tabbed interface. Open a new tab and you will have access to frequently used programs, such as PowerPoint or the Edge browser.

When opening the same file on another PC, Windows will remember the programs that were also loaded in the same window and suggest that you open all again. In addition, the new tab will have a universal search feature on the web and on your PC.

The sets may have a problem: Microsoft is basically extending Edge to the shell of all applications in Windows 10. Remember when it went through antitrust scrutiny by embedding Internet Explorer into the system?

Of course, there will be plenty of time to discuss this. The sets will arrive in the coming weeks for a subset of Windows Insiders: Dona Sarkar says on the official blog that “a percentage of you will initially get some new features in the builds, while others will not receive them for a while.” The idea is to compare the use and feedback of these two groups of users.

Microsoft wants to receive all possible feedback before launching the sets; this name can even change at the launch, which has no deadline. “We will make these features available to everyone when they are ready, not necessarily in the next major update of Windows 10,” Dona explains.

She also says the Timeline will finally begin to be tested. Windows 10 will have a timeline with the applications, files, and Edge tabs that were opened in the previous hours and days.

So, what do you think about this new feature introduced by the tech giant Microsoft? Simply share your views and thoughts in the comment section below.

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