Sega Is Releasing A Ridiculously Tiny Game Gear Micro

by Tushar
Sega Is Releasing A Ridiculously Tiny Game Gear Micro

Sega Is Releasing A Ridiculously Tiny Game Gear Micro

While celebrating the 60th anniversary, Sega assured a strong announcement, through which it has revealed the upcoming surprise. In a publication on its official website, Sega announced the re-launch of its well-known portable console, known as Game Gear Micro.

According to the latest reports, the device will be named as the ‘Game Gear Micro,’ and its first promotional image quickly gets viral on the internet due to its tiny size.

Basically, this new mini console still maintains its original design, but this time with a much smaller version. Here, the first thing that we can notice is that a Sonic title appears, it is expecting all the details to be revealed by Sega soon.

Initially, Sega launched this console in October 1990 in Japan, and according to the reports, now it will soon reach 30 years of its existence, and that’s why this date and time will be perfect for its launch.

Later, in 2004, Nintendo, a well-known Japanese consumer electronics and video game company launched its GameBoy Micro; it’s a miniature version that was the first redesign of the Game Boy Advance, but according to the image promoted by the company, the new console of Sega will be much smaller.

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