What Is Superfetch? Should We Disable Or Enable It?

by Tushar

What Is Superfetch? Should We Disable Or Enable It?

What Is Superfetch? Should We Disable Or Enable It?: If you are working on Windows operating system for a long time, then you might know about Superfetch functionality. So, what is superfetch? Well, Superfetch is a functionality that is added in Windows 10 for two purposes.

The first purpose of this new service is to decrease the boot time and the second one is to improve the load time of apps. Basically, Superfetch is a system of RAM management that preloads your installed memory with your most used applications.

The feature is specially designed to enhance Windows 10 Performance. However, some hardcore gamers have reported that they have noticed speed gain after disabling it. Sometimes the feature consumes lots of disk resources.

So, this feature is useful as it improves the load time of applications. However, sometimes it can affect the performance of certain apps and it doesn’t seem to mix up well with gaming.

To Enable Or Disable Superfetch You need to follow these steps:

To Disable:

1) Hold down the Windows Key and Press “R”. This will open the Run dialog box. In the Run Dialog box, you need to type in ‘services.msc’ (without the quotes) and press Enter.

2) Now under the services menu, you need to find the option “Superfetch” and then right click on it and then select the option “Properties”

3) Now under the startup type, you need to choose the option “Disabled”

Disable Superfetch

This will disable the feature from your Windows computer

To Enable:

To Enable the feature on Windows computer, you need to perform the same steps and under the Startup type, you need to select the option “Manual” or “Automatic” – You should select the Automatic options so that the services should start after the next reboot.

This is how you can enable or Disable Superfetch feature on your Windows computer. Hope you like the article, share it with others also.

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