Telegram Slams WhatsApp’s Little File Transfer Limit

Telegram Slams WhatsApp's Little File Transfer Limit

Telegram Slams WhatsApp’s Little File Transfer Limit

Whenever we talk about instant messaging services, the big fight always seems to be between WhatsApp and Telegram. As both of them ensure maximum security and best performance on all the platforms where they are present.

However, the fact is that differences are endured and in points of absolute importance. As one of them has now been highlighted, hence, the well-known instant messaging app WhatsApp wanted to boast, and at a glance, Telegram had to put it in order simply by showing what it could do.

This is a small Picardy between these two of the best messaging services. Both WhatsApp and Telegram periodically reveal their qualities, showing users why they should be the obvious choice for them.


This time it was WhatsApp who decided to get excited and show how simple it is to share files on its platform. In addition to the ease with which it is done, the emphasis has also been placed on the size of files that can be uploaded.

In total there are 100MB that any user can send to another per file. This is the upper limit and is very interesting for those who want to share quickly without having to worry about space or other factors.


But as we all know that, how attentive Telegram is, as just after seeing this Tweet, Telegram simply found a way to take advantage of its competitor’s supposed advantages. As it soon came out to give an answer, which was expected and which is also true.

Telegram came and set the bar much higher, as it recalled that its share limits are much higher than WhatsApp. As they can be sent with a maximum size of 1.5GB, though it may not be ideal for a data network, but Wi-Fi is very useful.

Basically, this incident is just a joke between these two competing services. However, Telegram guarantees a prominent place, at least on this point, and it may even have a positive effect and cause WhatsApp to raise its maximum values higher than Telegram in the meantime.

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