WhatsApp Group Calls Update: Now you can Join ongoing Group Calls

by Tushar

WhatsApp is indeed a great instant messaging app for Android & iOS. Most often or not, the company behind WhatsApp pushes new updates. While some updates were meant to fix existing bugs, some of them add new exciting features.

The popular instant messaging app, of course, WhatsApp, allows you to make voice and video calls. It also supports group calling where multiple WhatsApp users can join and communicate with each other.

We are talking about a group calling because, recently, WhatsApp received a new update that allows users to join an ongoing call. Before this update, if a user missed a group call, they wouldn’t join it unless added to the call until added by the callers.

However, with the new upgrade, every user would get an option to join an ongoing call from the ‘Calls’ tab. That means, if you have missed a group call, it will appear in the calls tab with a ‘Join’ button.

You need to tap on the ‘Tap to join’ call to join the incoming call. And yes, you can join the call as long as the call is active at the time. Now the feature is available on the stable build, but if you cannot find the new feature, you need to wait for a few more days.

Before releasing it to the WhatsApp stable build, the ongoing call joining feature was tested in the WhatsApp beta version.

So, what’s your take on this? Did you find this new feature helpful? Please share your views with us in the comments.

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