Banned on WhatsApp? This Could be the Possible Reasons

by Tushar

WhatsApp has gained massive popularity amongst Android and iOS users due to its secure messaging system based on end-to-end encryption. But, what’s also true is that the instant messaging app has gained headlines for several wrong reasons.

Recently, lots of users have reported getting banned from using WhatsApp unexpectedly. Affected users have claimed that they were logged out of their accounts suddenly, and when they tried to access the app, they get a ban report.

Users have reported that they haven’t got any prior warning regarding the ban. If your WhatsApp account has been banned for no reason, then read the article.

Reason Behind Getting Banned on WhatsApp

Just like every other instant messaging apps, WhatsApp does have certain policies. If you somehow managed to breach those policies, you can expect a temporary or permanent account ban. In most cases, users face a temporary ban before getting permanently banned.

One of the prominent reason for getting WhatsApp account banned is the usage of unauthorized WhatsApp apps. There is plenty of unauthorized version of WhatsApp making rounds on the internet. These are mainly called ‘WhatsApp Mods’. According to WhatsApp, the use of a modded version violates the terms and conditions of the company.

Another great reason is the usage of apps that requires WhatsApp authorization. Apps like message schedulers, auto message generators, etc. can also lead to account ban. This is because these apps are mostly not secure and can invite some serious security risks.

As per a report by Wabetainfo, WhatsApp bans over 2.5 million accounts every month due to bulk and automated messages. So, if you are using WhatsApp with any other app to send bulk messages, it could lead to an account ban.

Recent WhatsApp Flaw

Recently, security researchers have discovered a new WhatsApp flaw that lets any hacker suspend an account. The researchers have confirmed that hackers first download WhatsApp on their phones and tries to log in using the victim’s mobile number. In the process of doing so, the attacker attempts to send a two-factor authentication code to the victim’s phone number.

But since the attackers don’t have access to the victim’s mobile, they cannot get the code, leading to a failed login attempt. However, the main trick here is that the attackers don’t stop in the first or second failed attempt. They keep on trying until a login limitation has been set on the account.

These are some of the prominent reasons behind the WhatsApp account getting banned. If you feel that your WhatsApp account has been banned for no reason, you can use the contact system to message the company.

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